born jax fla. 1964
moved to georgia age 5
favorite song kawliga
started writing songs
maternal grandfather played country guitar and wrote songs and grandmother wrote lyrics
favorite song garden party
started playing trumpet age 9
mentor band director randy edgar
favorite song night the lights went out in ga. and delta dawn, and night chicago died
age 13 felt the need to listen to rock’n’roll
ordered 8tracks for a penny, styx, kiss, doobie brothers, taped steve martin over kiss
went to town to buy a rock’n’roll record
sgt. peppers
bought a uke from sears catalog age 15
learned beatles songs
leonard cohen
bob dylan
age 16 playing trumpet in cover band called sundance with 30 year olds
parents gave guitar for christmas 1980 to help vic get over lennon’s murder
sang whip it on stage with sundance
velvet underground
king crimson
tape to tape home recordings
age17 meet johnny cash
just before graduation discovered the new music, elvis, jam, nick lowe, clash, pistols, rem, replacements
gordon junior college
play rhythm guitar in new wave band called random factor
open for baby and the pacifiers in atl.
fired because refused to tuck in shirt
start a new band with todd from dashboard saviors
plays keyboards in proto-industrial electronica duo
sees pil 1982
car crash
can’t play guitar or trumpet but discovers a whole new understanding of music
sells trumpet buys arp synthesizer
writing vacuous pop songs
starts strumming
shoplifts norton anthology of modern poetry it’s footnotes were eureka
stevie smith, wallace stevens, etc.
kafka, great gatsby, salenger
“art feeling”
songs take on adult form
moves to athens to study english
meets the bohemian types
sings at a party where deanna varagona hears him, gets him a gig the next night before the band’s soundcheck
suddenly a solo artist
opening for local bands
listens to the roches
goes to nyc for the first time
hands and legs go numb
after operation can’t play guitar
learned maternal grandfather dies
forms folk-rock band la-di-das
listens butthole surfers, husker du, local bands
free form hard rock jamming
bass in acid rock band angle lake
quits la-di-das
athens folk music and dance society
records “little”
father dies
off to california
meets harry dean stanton, victoria williams, giant sand, bob neuwirth, van dyke parks, etc.
marries tina
paternal grandmother dies
opens 100 shows for bob mould
band with tina and drummer jeffrey(hazeldine)
“west of rome”
speed racer documentary
tours with victoria williams
opening tour for soul asylum (and goo-goo dolls)
allen ginsberg calls vic an idiot
opening tour for live (and angelfish)
mom dies
“brute” with widespread panic
tours europe with giant sand
“is the actor happy”
funny conversations with james dickey
more european tours
sees nina simone perform
signs with capital
meets joni mitchell
sweet relief
“about to choke”
from the edge, BBC
the end of violence soundtrack duet with michael stipe
“salesman and bernadette”
meets kevin coyne
sessions at w.54th street conan o’brien
soundtrack for “rough south of larry brown”
“left to his own devices”
“Josiah Meigs and Me”
meets wim wenders
“co-balt brute”
“silver lake”
The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn
produced liz durett’s first record, “husk”
hal wilner’s randy newman tribute project
meets bill frisell
re-released first 4 albums on new west with 28 extra tracks
“ghetto bells”
produced liz durett’s “mezzanine”
blogged on huffingtonpost.com
undertow orchestra
open shows for rickie lee jones
daniel johnston tribute queen elizabeth hall concert
cowboy junkies trinity session 20 year anniversary project
conference for the book, Ole Miss
song on “Just One More, A Musical Tribute to Larry Brown”
dropped from New West
“North Star Deserter”
“dark developments”
honored to play guitar and Turkish pop songstress Nazan Öncel’s album 7′n Bitirdin
composed soundtrack to director Sebastian Schipper’s “Mitte Ende August”
Carnegie Hall R.E.M. tribute
on Dangermouse/Sparklehorse album “Dark Night of the Soul”
“At The Cut”